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Wedding Reception Package

Floral Decor Upgrades

These are optional floral arrangements for the venue on top of the basic package
Complete Dinner Reception Package:

Classic Base Wedding Package with 5 course dinner buffet and setup.
Amenities Included:    

1) Exclusive use of Casa Espanol Venue for the chosen day. 
2) Formal Dinner Set-up following the color motif chosen
   -Special gold and silver ribbon treatment on the chairs for the Presidential table
3) Floral Arrangements  (upgraded to Floral Arrangements available)
   - Centerpiece on each guest table
   - Elegant Backdrop with lighting effects for the Presidential Table
4) 5 course Spanish Dinner Buffet with dessert, refillable softdrinks and purified water.
   - With Chocolate Fountain
   - Appetizers, soup, fresh salad and special crepe dessert for the presidential guests
5) In-house Professional Sound System
6) Torch Parade, Champagne toast and Dove ceremony
7) Name plates, menu cards and table numbers upon request
8) Gifts table, Reception table and Cake table in a unique fabric skirting.  (Bridal Cake not included)
9) Elevated stage for the host with spotlights and lighting effects around the venue

Price:         P58,000  for 80 guests. (Price inclusive of Venue fee)
                          P420 in excess.(200 guest capacity)

                          prices are subject to change without prior notice
Avantgarde Floral Package
- All of the Elegant floral package plus these:

* Backdrop floral pedestals with lighting effects on the couple's Gazebo
* Toole scallop aisles with floral arrangements on the entranceways
* Luminaries on the entrace pathways
* Walkway pedestals with Floral arrangements in a Toole scallop design
* Floating candles and luminaries on the Presidential tables
* Additional flowers on the entranceway arch

   Price:    P14,000

Elegant Floral Package

* Roman Style Gazebo with special floral arrangements and color motif flags
* Decorated entranceway floral arch on the receiving area
* Wrought-iron candelabra centerpiece on each guest table with dinner candles
* Loose rose petals on the pathways and on the tables
* Red Carpet Walkway  (can be covered in white fabric if desired)

   Price:   P7,500

Wrought-iron Candelabra Centerpiece following the color motif

Single topiary centerpiece included on each table

Avantgarde Floral arrangements
for the Gazebo with lighting effects

Walkway pedestals with toole scallop design with loose rose petals on the pathways
Special Design Walkway Entrance with luminaries and toole scallop